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Somewhere between the sea, the land and the mountains, come explore the wonders of Corsica

The diversity of the city


The elegant imperial city is as surprising as it is inviting for a long ramble. Start by wandering the ancient streets with delight. You can choose to walk or hop on the "petit train" to soak up the ambiance of the old town where the colourful facades conceal true cultural gems. Close to the fabled cathedral and the citadel you will discover the Musée National de la Maison Bonaparte, where the emperor was born. Deeper into the city stands the Palais Fesch-Musée des Beaux-Arts, home for one of the largest collections of art in France. Facing the museum you will find the birth house of singer Tino Rossi, second darling child of the city. Then why not walk back to the port for a pause at the quiet terraces before heading to the unmissable "Quartier des étrangers" and perhaps end your visit with the striking cemetery by the sea on the road of the Sanguinaires islands. Ajaccio will daze you with its effervescent night life, Ajaccini parties are beautiful, what are you waiting for?


Ajaccio in Corsica

Birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte, coastal resort, Ajaccio spreads over an exceptional natural land and marine area. You might as well opt for lazying everyday on the white sand of your dreams, on little heavenly beaches on the road of the Sanguinaires islands, like the gorgeous Barbicaja and its iconic rocks. The famous beach of the Scudo, at the foot of singer Tino Rossi's villa and further South, toward the peninsula of Isolella... the outstanding silver beach of Coti Chiavari. The region of Ajaccio offers boat excursions to the most amazing natural sites and all the water sports thrill seekers look for. Those in search of outstanding unspoiled panoramas will be overjoyed. The accessible hikes are many: the Genoese tower of Capo di Muro for instance, or on the other tip of the gulf of Ajaccio: Capo di Feno, the Grand Site of the Parata and the exploration of the Sanguinaires Islands. A little less usual, your kids will be thrilled to visit the Turtle Conservation Centre: A Capulatta.

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