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Somewhere between the sea, the land and the mountains, come explore the wonders of Corsica

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Coming from Ajaccio, Olmeto greets you as you enter our region of the Sartenais Valinco Taravo. 3 valleys with the most remarkable heritage and terroir. The village, perched on the mountainside with its breathtaking views of the gulf of Valinco, will be the true soul of your stay. What you will find there is an authentic ambiance. The stones of the old houses, sitting at the tables of the restaurants, in the history, everything channels the incredible strength of Corsica. You may retrace the paths of Colomba, Prosper Mérimée's heroine. The small church will nourish our souls, wrapped in the beauty of the polyphonic songs on a summer evening. You will get a taste of what happiness is in the many exquisite addresses peppering our territory. Once back home some scents will still be with you, that of the traditional fiadone, the spit-roasted veal, a promising glass of sparkling Muscat or the exquisite liqueurs of mirto and citron.

Of stones & sand

Olmeto in Corsica

The municipality of Olmeto dives into the oaks and olive trees, down onto the plain of Baracci and to the sulphurous hot springs, then along the bank of the Valinco to the hamlet of Olmeto plage. The playfield of your holidays unfolds and reveals plenty great spots for canyoning, hiking, not to mention the 20km coastline boasting idyllic beaches and coves with crystal-clear waters. You must see it to believe the beauty of this breathtaking nature that yet breathes new life into you. Further up north, take a moment to pause in Porto Pollo sitting at the tip of the gulf, try and tame this end of the world of a place, wilder than the neighbouring villages. Nestled in a majestic, typical countryside, you will love the horseback excursions, the beaches, the tiny port and the restaurants of the village before driving up the hills to explore the prehistoric site of Filitosa. Corsica carefully protects a number of earthly paradises nowhere else to be seen. The municipality of Serra di Ferro shelters a gem of a beach: Cupabia, unmissable.

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