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Thatched hut bar southern Corsica

La Paillote


Give in to the quiet charm and boho vibe of Vigna Maggiore thatched hut bar overlooking the bay of Propriano. The light sparkling on the sea will dazzle you... That place where you dream to blow off some steam is here!

A suspended moment

La Paillote

Modern society grips us with an increasingly stressful and digitalised life, we long for something different... A whole other world, far from the cities commotion and a permanent connexion. A pure and sincere environment where you may breathe and pause to watch one of the most spectacular show life will ever provide: Nature. This outstanding, extra-ordinary and surprising world is perched right before the bay of Propriano. Sheltered deep in Camping Vigna Maggiore, discover a secluded, discreet living place. This thatched hut bar in southern Corsica oozes energy. Vibrant, a raw and timeless beauty. A meeting point for adventurers, dreamers, bon vivants and those with a thirst for new cultures. Driftwood, exotic looking sunshades, a sharp decor where each detail transports you and urges you to dream. A world where one can share simple moments. Enjoy a cup of lemon verbena tea, freshly handpicked on our estate, try out a signature cocktail with fresh mint in this "suspended bar" overlooking Propriano.


At sunset

The thatched hut bar

Taste a bottle of wine with typical Corsican aromas while gazing at the oranges hues of a wonderful sunset. Enjoy your breakfast in front of the sea and the rising sun. This lively place stems from a mix of expertise and emotions experienced throughout the world, a refreshing surprise for our visitors! Fancy a swing for pre-dinner drinks? In this "suspended bar" towering above Propriano the possibilities are endless. Your mind at peace, go with the flow and enter a world both exceptional and convivial. A setting where you finally have the time to focus on what really matters. Relax by the two swimming pools of Vigna Maggiore, facing the sea, just for a moment. A few laps of happiness, take in the spellbinding panorama from this thatched hut bar overlooking Propriano.

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