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Outside of time, embark upon a sensory journey, a moment to come back to yourself. Entering the brass adorned doors of this spa in Corsica is just like stepping in a unique earthly paradise, necessarily unexpected. Burnished brass, time truly seems to have stopped here. Hierarchy of spaces, irregularly beautiful, this place is all about movement. Nature in its best light so you can experience true calm and serenity. Sheltered in Camping Vigna Maggiore, in Corsica, enjoy a large Jacuzzi smoothly integrated in its environment... An ancient vibe, the fusion of elements, ideal peace. At long last, find the way to come back to what is really important. The scent of pines and olive groves, a nicely warm sunbeam peeking through the skylight. Overlooking the gulf of Valinco, this most extra-ordinary and bewitching place has a way of making you feel complete. Raw purity, irregular lines, a crack in time with unique contradictions and in line with the natural cycle of things. Staying true to their vision of the hotel of tomorrow both unusual and unique. Enter a world where switching off finally allows you to reconnect. Take in the immensity of the sea, while you enjoy a swim in the lap pool, shiny as a mirror. From the hammam of this spa, in Corsica, the wellness area takes on a romantic vibe, a dreamy and spellbinding atmosphere. You will be swept away by the timeless ambiance.

Tranquillity, poise


Overlooking the gulf of Valinco, from the dry-stones terrace of the Spa in Vigna Maggiore, Corsica, you will have a chance to relax and gaze at the immensity right before your eyes. Earth becomes matter, horizontal to vertical. An uncommon place where simplicity, liberty and sophistication exist together. Luxury in its pure state, raw beauty beyond standards. Wrapped in an endemic vegetation, you are to embrace sweet scents and luminous moments... Everything here is about harmony. A magical getaway in an extra-ordinary place. A place where you can let positivity in, far from your daily life. The essence of natural wellbeing.

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