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Somewhere between the sea, the land and the mountains, come explore the wonders of Corsica



Coming from Figari, Propriano is the starting point of your journey in the gulf of Valinco. Once a little fishermen's village, the city is now a vibrant seaside resort. You will find here a most casual interlude by the water. Take the time to live, strolling along the marina, walking up the long pier lined with palm trees to the lighthouse of Scolio Longo then down back to the lazy terraces. A nice and quiet atmosphere, where you will enjoy a refreshing ice cream in the blazing sun or indulge yourself in summer shopping. You're only one drive away from digging deeper into Corsican origins, up in the maquis in the direction of neighbouring Sartène, the villages of the inland region, their wonders and Cauria's megaliths.


Propriano in Corsica

Touring Propriano and surroundings is an immersion into an infinite number of images, sounds and scents etching into your heart. Just out of the maquis, the tip of Campomoro reveals a natural bay with splendid waters, the largest Genoese tower in Corsica and striking tafoni. The many beaches on this bank of the Valinco are teeming with activity, you will conveniently access the most fun water sports: scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, boat excursions, jet-ski, paddle, catamaran, surfing. You longed for dolce far niente... lay down to rhythm of the slow backwash on the sand, a peaceful music.

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