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Sunday Brunch

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From 11.AM to 2.PM / 2 formulas to choose : BRUNCH 28€ or SPRUNCH 50€ (with access to relax area)

The perfect place to enjoy a soothing, tasty moment. Every Sunday on the terrace of restaurant Vigna Maggiore, in Propriano, under shady olive trees, come have a go at our brunch with a view of Propriano. Consistent with the essence of surrounding nature, promoting a bold and open cuisine, this little gem before the sea nearing the pools will be the setting of an exquisite moment. Kick back to savour a lovely brunch at Vigna Maggiore and dive headlong in a world out of time. Rammed earth walls, drift wood, brass being burnished as seasons change... a cosy boho vibe wraps around you.

Natural beauty, attention to sophisticated details and flavourful dishes... the most surprising brunch in Propriano. In the morning when the lively place is still quiet, you will adore taking a sip of your hot beverage. Sit back and sink your teeth in these viennoiseries. A full, fresh brunch menu, connoisseurs will indulge themselves with the pastries and homemade smoothies, local charcuterie, all kinds of tartines, not to mention juices and the indispensable eggs! With your family, your friends or with your loved one, enjoy the simple pleasure of a unique moment on the terrace of Vigna Maggiore restaurant in Propriano, a delightful and bewildering living place.

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